Enhancing leadership development in all levels of education both public and private.


The resources here are designed to inform, to invigorate, to challenge your thinking, and to get you connected with like-minded individuals who face issues similar to yours. But we also welcome administrators and managers from organizations outside of education who are seeking answers to common problems of leadership and management.

Here you will find a book reading list, articles that give insight into insight into leadership issues, some brief vignettes on leadership (Lifes Little Lessons), and a source of practical solutions to vexing problems. You can also join a confidential group of administrators where you can share ideas or issues you do not feel free to discuss elsewhere.

The materials are copyrighted but you are permitted to copy, share, distribute and transmit the work as long as proper attribution is provided and the materials are not used for commercial purposes.

UrLeaderLine was originally developed to support school administrators enrolled in advanced leadership programs offered by the Lamar University Center for Executive Leadership. But because of requests from other administrators we have opened up access and it now serves as a free resource to all administrators.