The Thompson Executive Leadership Institute in Texas is a nationally known learning center of academies and advanced leadership training systems. The goal of the institute is for school executives to come together to test ideas, discover new concepts and information, build networks, and engage in face to face interactions with session leaders and each other.

The hallmark programs of the Thompson Executive Leadership Institute are the two advanced leadership academies: The Superintendent Academy and the Principal Academy. Admission to both academies is competitive. Generally, about 25 participants are accepted in each of the academies, and they routinely attract more applicants than program space allows.

The academies take on key issues that make a difference in the lives of students, in the success of campuses and districts, and in the practice of educational administration. The Institute provides administrators instant access to peer networks, experts in the field, research, seminal articles, and an array of other resources for professional growth and/or problem solving.

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The superiority and diversity of the individuals in this Principal Institute can only add to the experience and preparation that we all experience together.

- Tony Dominguez, Georgetown ISD. Principal Academy XIII