Suggested format for listing references in a Resume [Principals]

Jun 28, 2016

by Bob Thompson


    How They Know Me

William Jones
2270 Oak Street
Example, Texas 22222
Home:  409-555-5555
Office:  409-666-6666

Mr. Jones was superintendent of Example ISD and hired me as an elementary principal.

Dr. James Johnson
55 Cedar Avenue
Smithville, Texas 33333
Home:  672-777-7777
Cell:  672-555-6666

Dr. Johnson was principal in Example Campus and hired me as an elementary teacher.

Some guidelines to consider when asking someone to be your reference:

  1. Do not list anyone as a reference that you have not gotten their prior permission to list him/her as a reference.
  2. Do not list a telephone number (or numbers) for a reference unless the reference has given you permission to use that number.  You should ask the reference which number(s) to list when you ask him/her to be a reference.
  3. Typically the reader gives more credence to references from a supervisor rather than a subordinate.
  4. Typically, references from elected officials carry very little weight unless the employer is looking for someone with political connections.
  5. Likewise, references from religious clerics are not valued unless there is a question about honesty, integrity, etc.