Preparing for the Interview [Principals]

Jun 28, 2016

by Bob Thompson

Principal/Central Office

  1. Have a clear vision of job future
    • What is my ultimate job goal?
    • Does this job take me in that direction
    • Am I willing to pay the price (before and after) for pursuing this course?
  2. Be informed about the new position I am considering:
    • Performance of institution
    • Climate in which institution is expected to perform
    • Background of decision-makers i.e. what they value, their agenda, etc and what kind of decision-makers they are (i.e. thinker/feeler)
  3. Have a bold plan that includes steps to insure accountability and advance the institution.
    • Accountability of the people who will be working for you.
    • Program Accountability through:
      • Increased Recruitment/Retention
      • Fiscal viability
      • Long range study of graduates
    • Increase in Non-traditional Funding (e.g grants, entrepreneural efforts, gifts, etc.
    • Builds on the strengths of the institution by strengthens core programs, establishes establishing lighthouse program(s) that bring recognition and distinction to the university.
  4. Be prepared for the interview
    (See “The Interview” handout.)
  5. Resume
    •  Appearance
    • Information to be included/not included.
    • Order/sequence of information.
    • Listing references
  6. Followup
    • Note of appreciation