Knowing When to Take a New Job [Principals]

Jun 28, 2016

by Bob Thompson

Questions one must consider before accepting a position of leadership:


  1. Will the new job serve my professional needs:
    • Career advancement?
    • Closer to University where I can pursue doctorate?
    • New experiences or skill set
    • Etc.
  2. Will the new job serve my personal/family needs:
    • Higher salary
    • Closer to family, medical facilities, etc.
    • Better school for my kids
    • More job opportunities for my spouse
    • Etc.
  3. What do they expect of me?
  4. Can I meet their expectations (i.e. do I have the necessary skills, demeanor, etc. required to be successful) and will I be comfortable doing it?
  5. Will I have the authority to do the job?
  6. What is the skill level, attitude, etc., of the staff I will inherit (especially the secretary and the assistant principal) and what authority will I have to make changes if necessary?
  7. Are the budget and staffing levels sufficient to be successful?
  8. What is the environment in which this leadership must take place?
    1. Internal
      • Leadership style of new boss
      • Political (who knows who)?
      • Atmosphere (gossipy, open, closed,  etc)
      • Style (does the style needed fit my style?
    2. External (i.e. community attitude toward academics)
  9. What are my options if I take this job and fail or do not like the job?