Guidelines for Superintendent Reports to the Board

Dec 5, 2015

by Bob Thompson


For the purposes of this discussion the following definitions apply:

  1. Document:  Information that has already been gathered.  It is available to anyone, board member or otherwise, who resides in the district.
  2. Report:  A document that is yet to be compiled.

Types of Reports:

There are three general types of reports from the Superintendent to the Board.  (The type of reports wanted and the timing for receiving these reports should be determined by the board).  Also see “Guidelines for Staff Reports to the Board”.

  1. Incident Reports: important/instant occurrences in district, e.g. bus accident, gun on campus, etc.  (The board should determine what triggers a report of this type)
  2. Routine Reports: activities, updates, Friday reports, etc.
    • Needs (immediate or looming) e.g. redistricting, facilities, etc.
    • Progress reports, e.g. construction projects, etc.
    • Problem resolution, e.g. grievances,
  3. Dashboard Reports: – Periodic reports on how the district is doing

How board members should ask for information:

  1. Need to know questions: i.e. agenda related:  email or call Superintendent’s office
  2. Want to know questions:  call board president and/or superintendent.

Note: To insure that all board members are fully informed, information provided to one board member should be provided to all board members.