Board of Trustees Code of Conduct – Hays

Dec 4, 2014

by Bob Thompson


I realize that to be the most effective advocate for our school district we, as a board, must function as a team. To this end, I pledge to do my best to adhere to the principles of the Code of Conduct. Should I, for whatever reason, fail to follow these guidelines I ask my fellow board members to call it to my attention. I will accept their comments in a professional manner and commit to my pledge.

  • I will show respect for the opinions of other board members.
  • I will maintain confidentiality.
  • I will support the decision of the board even if I voted otherwise.
  • I will be open and fully disclose my opinions on an issue.
  • I will not use my position as board member to intimidate or seek special consideration.
  • I will not criticize another board member or district employee.
  • I will not embarrass fellow board members, the superintendent or staff.
  • I will put the needs of students ahead of the wants of adults.
  • I will remain open to new data.
  • When I receive information about the district from any source, I will share it with the superintendent or other board members as appropriate.
  • I will attend all meetings of the board unless I have a legitimate reason that prevents my attendance.
  • I will read my board packet in advance and be prepared for all board meetings.
  • I will remain neutral in board elections outside of my district.