Superintendent Academy

The Thompson Executive Leadership Institute Superintendent Academy is a nationally known advanced leadership development program for superintendents in Texas and surrounding states.

The goal is to assist successful superintendents in achieving even higher levels of discipline and growth. Upon completion of the Thompson Executive Leadership Institute Superintendent Academy, superintendents will gain the following:

  • a “think tank” atmosphere where the discussions are open and challenging
  • exposure to new and different ways of improving
  • required training to renew their administrator certificates
  • a new network of school superintendents with a level of trust and confidentiality
  • new strategies for allocating time for structured growth activities

About the Academy

Superintendents accepted into the academy will receive a scholarship that covers all education related expenses plus transportation and hotel costs of a field trip to Columbia University and visits to several New York City schools.

Travel expenses within the state (mileage, room, meals, etc.) and other incidentals are the responsibility of the academy member’s school district. The district is also responsible for the fees and expenses for the superintendent and board members to attend the Joint Visioning Conference in San Antonio in February.

Criteria for Nomination to the Academy

Admission is open to all superintendents who have not attended the academy. A special effort is made to provide maximum diversity of school size, geographic location, ethnicity and gender. Nominations are accepted until the Committee completes its work and all scholarships are awarded.

To be eligible for consideration by the Admissions Committee, a nominee must:

  • be employed and currently serving as a superintendent of schools
  • have at least two years of experience as a school superintendent
  • be seen as a leader by his/her colleagues
  • have demonstrated that he/she is a student of his/her profession
  • have the support of his/her board