Principal Academy

The Thompson Executive Leadership Institute is nationally known for its advanced leadership development program for experienced principals. The goal is to assist successful principals in achieving even higher levels of leadership and proficiency.

Upon completion of the Thompson Executive Leadership Institute Principal Academy, principals will gain the following:

  • additional tools and insights to better lead their campuses
  • exposure to new and different ways of improving
  • required training to renew their administrator certificates
  • new strategies for problem solving and problem prevention
  • fresh ways to look at every aspect of the principal’s role

The Principal Academy has been consistently rated by academy alumni as the best staff development training they have ever received. As an added benefit, the academy connects participating principals to a cohort of equally skilled alumni from outside districts. Past experience confirms that Principal Academy alumni continue membership in these cohorts long after graduating from the institute. Furthermore, the Thompson Executive Leadership Institute experience meets all Continuing Professional Education requirements for Standard Administrator Certificate renewal.

About The Academy

The academy consists of seven sessions: six three-day sessions are held in Austin and a four-day retreat is scheduled off site.

Tuition for the Principal Academy is $5,800: this covers all educational costs including the four-day field trip. Travel expenses to the sessions (room, meals, mileage, etc.) are the responsibility of the principal’s district.

Criteria for Nomination to the Academy

Admission to the academy is competitive and the target class size is about 25 participants. The academy will accept single or multiple principals from a district. Alumni of previous academies report that having a fellow principal (or principals) from their home district enhanced their ability to discuss and internalize what they learned in the sessions.

To be considered for selection to the academy, a principal should:

  • demonstrate a commitment to professional growth
  • have two successful years of experience as a principal
  • be recognized as a leader by his/her colleagues
  • have the approval of his/her superintendent
  • be employed and currently serving as a school principal (assistant principals are not eligible at this time)